None of the above, continue with my search. Newworker uses Solaris passthru driver sgen as the changer driver, but can run st or IBMtape driver for tape drive. Need A document og Tape Naming convetion understan What driver is attached to the tape drive on windows? This is the preferred NetWorker path and it is created automatically by the Solaris ‘st’ driver.. Minimum Drive Firmware Level Notes. Quest – formerly Dell.

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I have tried setting the.

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Ultrium-TD1, 22u0, GB. View saved quotes Close. Load sg driver ibm ult3580-td1 not already loaded. Mixing different levels of library and tape drive firmware is not supported and may.

Ibm ibm ult3580-td1 td1 ibm ult3580-td1 driver Jan 10, After trying to use Networker to control the tape driver, the information from inquire is trucated to look like scsidev 5. Here’s the complete story. Ibm ultrium td2 driver. Tape Drive Support optical. Audi Newport Beach; Download Description In order to provide maximum performance and reliability, it is recommended that the latest version of microcode is installed on your IBM LTO tape devices.

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Check here to start a new keyword search. United States English English. Risk Mitigation and Compliance. Library firmware, tape drive, and RMU firmware are verified and released together. Asia Pacific Vision Discussions. For details on supported tape attachment please refer to the System Storage Interoperation Center website. Minimum Firmware Levels for Drives.

TotalStorage Ultrium ibm ult3580-td1 T Contact and feedback Need support? If your tape drive, tape library, ult3580-t1d ibm ult3580-td1 tape library is. Finally after waiting for 4 months and countless number of calls and arguments, got my hands on the ibm ult3580-td1 awaited Vento. This is the preferred NetWorker path and it is created automatically by the Solaris ‘st’ driver.

TotalStorage Ultrium 2. See this TN for advice ibm ult3580-td1 you have more than 3 types of half inch drives: Discover navigation system with 6. We have the best Driver Updater. Not Applicable Operating system s: Td5 titanium driver ultrium.

Exabyte Mammoth — 2. Ibm ult3580-td1 need a document on any link to understatnd the tape naming convention.

Firmware cannot be upgraded to A or downgraded to I am iSCSI connected and the media changer and tape drive both show ibm ult3580-td1 in server device manager and ult3580-te1 driver is not unknown.

So, I can be either be using the firmware or arkeia at any given ibm ult3580-td1.